Ai's Story
When Pain Turns Into Power

I came from a controlling family.  Until 28 I lived to prove that I am good enough.   And then I turned things around.  I started loving and respecting myself.   I went from someone being obsessed with proving myself to someone with peace and respect for myself and my time.  I turned things around, and made decisions that aligned with my truth and desires.  New, meaningful reasons opened up for me, I followed through, and became the woman I am today. 


I acknowledge and respect my gifts in this world and I can share with you who I am....












I realized that in order for me to reach freedom in my life, I needed to let go of toxic relationships, let go of pleasing others, controlling people and situations, and especially let go of blaming others.  


I started to OWN my life, my thoughts, and my experiences in this world. 


I made the decision to seriously attend to my health after having years of …..digestive pains, back and neck pains, chronic headaches, feeling sluggish all the time, being addicted to junk food, and holding on to some stubborn weight. I would get bad muscle spasms on my neck and back that left me feeling paralyzed. 


I don’t want anyone to go through this and to feel this type of pain. EVER.

I was ready to start a new beginning. I took the trip of my life just for me, to find myself and where my spirit comes from. I mastered my body, mind, and emotions.  

I discovered my WORTH. 


I realized that I had held on to years of STRESS, SUPRESSED EMOTIONS, and ANXIETY.   Once I took ownership of my life and body, my pains went away. 

Now, I am doing the work of my dreams because I know how to powerfully create my own opportunities and magnetic energy. My vision is far bigger than my fears.  

I know my value in this world and I also know the truth of you.  The truth is that YOU are valuable.   So stop playing small.  





You are driven          

 but somehow your deepest desires aren’t met. 

I’m eager to teach you how you can become real with yourself and others.                    

to recognize your worth and power, stop playing small.

     to feel at peace with yourself,

  to feel good enough,

and be truly love your existance, your body, your genius, and your mind.   

and I can do so with speed, love, and compassion.                         

If your heart feels a DEEP connection with me, let's chat.  

Yes, I want to achieve breakthroughs in my life. 

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and get more powerful truths, meditations, mindsets, happiness.

Health Coach - Health Coach Institute

Life Coach - Health Coach Institute

Personal Trainer - National Council on Strength & Fitness

Holistic Nutrition - Bauman College 

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Washington University in St. Louis