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Are You Ready
to create massive change?

You owe it to yourself to make 2022 the year that you reclaim absolute power over 

every important aspect of your life and business and take empowered action.

Give yourself permission to EVOLVE.

I invite you to...

SHIFT with me...

to create a High Value Life, Leadership, and Business.  

You see yourself as worthy of all things you desire. 

You make decisions from alignment.

You get to influence others from your wisdom. 

You are abundant, loving, and you give from your soul's mission.

not from a place of lack or fear.

You become clear on how you bring your genius to create impact in this universe 

...because you have a sense of purpose.

Don't forget what you are here for.

I am a life-changer, and so are you.

I share with you my journey, the pains, the breakthroughs, 

and the beautiful pivots because I want you to know that you're not alone. 

 That you can create something from nothing. 

Simply because you are enough.  

Now, that we know the truth, there is no going back.  

No delaying. No playing small. 

Allow yourself to take your quantum leap.

-Ai Nguyen

You Life and Business Breakthrough Coach

Why wouldn’t you want to create change?

Why wouldn’t you want to achieve your ultimate success 

– wealth, happiness, well-being, fulfillment at every level?

I must warn you.

It will cost you your old identity.

The way to you lead your life will change.

You won't be playing small anymore.

Values, Standards, and Purpose will change your ordinary life to 


Take it from a leader who used to be shy.  

I couldn't stand up for myself, couldn't hold empowered boundaries, 

lacked self confidence, and couldn't say no.

Yet, I knew I was meant for more, and I no longer wanted to steal myself from the freedom that I deserve.

You are meant for greatness.  

And the empowering choice is yours to keep.

If you want to invest in a high level experience with me...

Ask yourself...
 "Would my highest self be proud of this decision?"

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We're not here to just solve problems, that's the easy stuff.

You and I will actually get to the ROOT CAUSE 

so you can truly create change from a deeper level of truth and awareness. 

You've been solving problems 

at the level of the symptoms,

 so the problems keep coming back. 

 The arguments, the weight gains, the miscommunications,

 the self sabotage, the plateaus, 

the constant fear of disappointing others,

the imposter syndrome even through you have proven success,

the random fears that keep delaying your decisions,

the stuck business ideas that don’t turn into creation. 

You can allow yourself to pivot or decide powerfully 

when you gain incredible clarity.

Ignite your soulful desires, 

self expression, 

and strategic thinking 

to rewire your limiting patterns, 

make powerful decisions and take massive action,  

and successfully create change in all areas of your life. 

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