I help powerful women and men strengthen their body, mind, and emotions so they can achieve freedom from pressures in their life.

Hi! I'm Ai 

You are successful 

but somehow your deepest desires aren’t met and there’s not enough time for yourself. 

Own your desires and take the big LEAP

Holistic health and Mindset coaching

for powerful women and men to achieve FREEDOM from life pressures

I will coach you by phone and webcam, so you can be comfortable in your own space and with your own self.   it's Free(dom) time with your loving and tough coach, Ai.

Fitness Sessions

nutrition Support

Build Inspiring Habits

mindset coaching

Green Goodness
Ai's Story

When Pain Turns into Power

After being in the retail/fashion/apparel industry for a decade, I decided to leave it all behind to pursue health and wellness. This was a decision that...     Read More of Ai's Story ->

My insight on getting what we want...

~ We get in the way of ourselves all the time. It’s okay to be scared of changes and feel fear, but if you want a different outcome, you have to walk past the fear to make it to the light, or even the light switch.

You are here because:

You want to start living your life treating yourself well and nourishing your own needs and desires.


You want to stop obsessing over your career or overcompensating on a certain area and you are ready to be honest with yourself and start creating healing and bring your true self out! 

You want to change your relationship with yourself and others.  Start feeling safe with being yourself.

You want to look and feel healthy, alive, and wanted.


You are ready to transform your health and life.


If you question whether it is worth it, yes it is worth it. Because YOU are worth it.

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