Client Testimonials

Bryanna Lyndly,

Location : CA

"I had the pleasure of spending a whole weekend with Ai! It was one of the most memorable weekends to date. Right from the start I was drawn to her! She has an amazing (and quite impactful) aura around her that exudes light and positivity. Her passion for life, her willingness to help others, determination to accomplish her goals and the genuine outward emotion that she displays when she has coached her clients to a "win" is absolutely contagious! Ai has helped bring something out of me that I didn't even know was there. She has brought motivation, will and empowerment to my life through her coaching, and through her beliefs in me as a person. She has brought me to so much of a better place in my life through her  supportive and encouraging words, and we are just getting started! I can't wait to see where her mentorship and coaching takes us. She understands me perfectly without me having to even say anything, and she is crystal clear on my goals before I even am. She sees potential in me and in my long term plan that no one has ever seen in me before, and for that, I am eternally grateful! Thank you so much, Ai! I can't wait for all that's to come!!!" 

Karen P. 

Location: CO

"I came to Ai because I was wanting to make some health changes but I didn't quite understand how. I followed blogs, read the books and watched the clips but there was an overload of information and not enough answers for me. Ai wanted me to evaluate all of my problems, not just the few i was trying to tackle. We looked at health but also emotions, relationships, work, time schedules. She helped me learn all of the areas in my life are connected and one problem has multiple primary and secondary factors. Before Ai, I experienced lower back pains every morning, felt very sluggish throughout the day, wasn't digesting properly and my skin was dull. We did simple natural at home tests, targeted contributing factors and developed a total transformation plan. Today, not only do I feel better, I walked away with better catered knowledge  for me to live a healthier life."

Anh Nguyen,

Location : MO 

"This health coaching journey with Ai has been life-changing! Originally, my only goal for starting this program was to just lose some weight for my upcoming wedding. But what I got out of it was so much more than that. She focuses on transforming your entire body inside and out. The goal of this health coaching journey was to establish a lifestyle change and not just another crash diet. She helped me establish habits and mindsets that allowed me to care of my body and live healthier on my own. Ai’s passion, knowledge, enthusiasm, and dedication towards nutrition and health shines through during each session and it helps to keep me motivated to continue working hard in the program even when action steps get difficult or seem impossible.


She truly helps you help yourself! She takes the time to genuinely listen to your concerns, fears, and doubts and helps you turn those naysayers into powerful yet manageable action steps that will set you on the right path towards health and happiness. Ai may come in a small, petite package but she comes jam-packed with so much useful knowledge about nutrition and wellness and she is so eager to share that knowledge with you! She starts at whatever level you are at and takes you where you need to be!"

Steve E. 

Location: CA

"I had met Ai at a business meeting and was quickly drawn to her. After some personal 1 on 1 time with her I started seeing a transformation from the new positive habits she suggested I try. I'm truly amazed at her coaching abilities. I see in her love, passion and compassion that she is here to change my life and guide me to reach my goal. The Breakthrough Session really opened up my thinking and reminded me everything I need is inside of me and all I need is help pushing through blocks. So I realized if I let my guard down and let Ai teach me how to work with my feelings the impact to success is within my reach."

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