Ai = Love

Hi, my name is Ai Nguyen, pronounced "I Win". While creating my website and business, I thought of a few different names. I came to find that Discover You And Ai resonated with me the most. This company means a lot to me because it's a chance for the both of us to discover ourselves and grow into better people, lovers, care-givers, professionals, partners, and many more.

A friend of mine suggested a different business name "Ai Win, and So Can You Too!" Gosh, such a great name, but too much pressure to win. The goal isn't to win in everything, it is to have a winning attitude. It is to progress in life. Maybe it's all semantics. Getting 2nd place is still amazing. I'm already rooting for you if I hear that you got yourself into a race, a competition, or into something that you are doing and you haven't done before. Like getting yourself out of your comfort zone. Working to improve yourself is more than I could ever ask for. I bet your friends, family, and partner would appreciate this new, improved, and transformed you.

This blog is me sharing anything and everything that I care about: mindfulness, health and wellness, nutrition, love and relationships, self-awareness, space and boundaries, food, communication, creativity, self healing, etc.

Read it. Enjoy it. Share it.

By the way, my first and middle name Ai Nhan means "love people" in Vietnamese. It's not a coincidence that I end up moving towards a career where I get to serve and heal people.

Your Coach,

Ai = Love

Your Coach, Ai 
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