Being Present is Being Loving

My significant other had expressed to me that in the middle of talking, I tend to lose my attention and turn to my phone. Here I am, as a health coach, being someone who thoroughly and compassionately listens to my clients and pays attention to every detail of their conversation, I had somehow lost the ability to be present with him. It was sad to see him sad. And I knew that I was guilty of it.

The next day, I had an epiphany while snacking on my gluten free treats, sitting on a bench next to a dog, and reflecting on my day, sort of like a Forest Gump movie. It hit me. Being present is being loving.

If I am able to be present with other people in my life, then I most definitely should be able to do that to the person who loves me the most and who I love and care for the most.

Sometimes, we take the closest people in our life for granted. Sometimes, we allow our work and other relationships to interfere with our thoughts. We spend so much physical time with intimate partner, but the real quality time shows through when we're being fully present with each other.

I’m writing this post to share with you my own personal weakness. I can admit it so that I move on and get better at it. Drastically better is the goal. Like 100% better. 300% if that’s possible. Your significant other should be able to tell if it does get better.

Tips to being present:

1. Say this : “I am loving when I am present”

2. Make this an affirmation to say out loud in the mornings so you can turn it into a mindset and a positive habit.

3. Leave your phone in your purse or pocket. Put it away from the dinner table.

4. Listen compassionately and not try to solve everything. Sometimes they just want to be heard.

If you have been stuck in this area and need to take massive action, you have me, your holistic health and mindset coach.

Ai = Love

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Your Coach, Ai 
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