Taking Massive Action on Creating a Healthy Space

A few years ago, I was struggling with creating the life that I wanted for myself.

I was living in a house that didn’t feel like a home, and none of the other housemates at that time cared about making it feel like one. I was so unhappy but somehow was only complaining about it.

This was a significant moment of my life because I recalled when I had a meltdown from looking at this place which had no character. I was angry and frustrated and reacted with “Why doesn’t anyone care about this common space? Why do I have to clean after everybody?” And no one could answer that for me.

I started dating a guy at that time and got to see his place. Oh my, it was immaculate. It had personality, care, and attention. There was a color theme! Deep reds and mahogany colors. His own personal artwork. The way the furniture was arranged. His rug from his travel from another country was hanging against the wall. I walked away and thought, wow, I totally respect that. For me to be the woman that I wanted to become, I needed to take massive action and start respecting my space.

Those moments created a turning point for me.

I came home and decided it was time for me to start caring and holding myself responsible for creating the home that I had envisioned, while within the budget that I had. I realized that I didn’t need to be rich, I just needed to be creative and colorful.

I started to get crafty and added shelves to hold more books and use up the space, added color to the kitchen and bedroom and bought more items to decorate the kitchen from IKEA and Marshall’s.

Now my home, which I share with other new housemates, is not fancy, gorgeous, nor elaborate.

It is a modest, inviting, fun, and warm space. We hold the most brilliant and intelligent conversations about love, relationships, ambitions, business endeavors, and health. This is where Mama Ai shares her cooking and new recipes. It’s where we host potlucks for our friends. We have had so many great memories in our kitchen because of our diverse group of friends which we have called The United Nations at times.

I came to realize that, it was not anyone’s responsibility to make it a home, besides myself. If I wanted to achieve it, I needed to make that my goal and not wait for someone else to do it for me. Then I needed to take massive action and do the best that I could to make it my outcome.

My home is where I find peace, where I can be myself. It creates the energy that feeds me to become a better person. Space is very much connect to our overall well being. One of the topics that I touch on with my clients is “Clearing the Clutter” - taking the time to clean our space. Create a place where it feels safe and warm for your soul to thrive in actually helps with self growth and gives the freedom for more introspection and progress.


Tips for Taking Massive Action for your home:

1. Define what will make you feel at home.

2. Invest in yourself. Buy things to furnish the space and give it some personality.

3. Add plants, paintings, and meaningful quotes around the house.

4. Create memories by adding something from your travels into your space. A nicely designed rug, a plate, a piece of artwork, a photograph.

5. Pick a muse to look up to in creating that space. It could be someone you know in your life, or someone famous that you admire. Imagine how they would decorate their home.

If you have been stuck in this area and need to take massive action, you have me, your holistic health and mindset coach.

Ai = Love

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Your Coach, Ai 
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